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Band Members
Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Gregg "Hobie" Hubbard
Shayne Hill
Jim Scholten
Joe Smyth
Duncan Cameron
Bobby Randall
Joe Erkman
Jimmy Myers

Lead Vocals

Mark Anthony Miller

Dayton, Ohio native Mark Miller is the hyperactive lead singer for Sawyer Brown.  His energy onstage is a major part of the excitement of Sawyer Brown concerts.  And in over twenty years of performing he hasn't lost a step.  In addition to his singing duties, Miller is also the busiest songwriter of the group having written or co-written many of the band's hits and even more of thier album material.  On an interesting note, Miller's now shaved head used to sport long hair, which he almost always covered with a hat (because of a receeding hairline).  In the "Drive Me Wild" liner notes, the first album with his new look, a special thanks is given to chrome-domed pro-wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, although it doesn't say what for.